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Lost Ball Definition

LOST BALL: (i)A ball is declared lost if it cannot be found within five minutes after the player or the players side including caddes begun their search. (ii)Another ball has been put into play according to the rules. The player does not have to search for his original ball before putting another ball in play. (iii)The player has played a stroke with a provisional ball from a place where the original ball is likely to be or a point nearer the hole. If this occurs, the provisional ball becomes the ball in play.

If a player plays a wrong ball does not count against the player in his allowable time to search for his ball.

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Addressing the Ball
Ball in Play
Ball Moved
Casual Water
Committee (Tournament Director)
Ground Under Repair
Lateral Water Hazard (red)
Line of Play
Line of Putt
Loose Impediments
Lost Ball
One Ball Rule (local rule)
Outside Agency
Provisional Ball
Putting Green
Reasonable Evidence
Rub of the Green
Second Ball
Serious Breach
Stipulated Round
Teeing Ground
Through the Green
Water Hazard (yellow)
Wrong Ball
The Rules

1. The Game
2. Match Play
3. Stroke Play
4. Clubs
5. The Ball
6. The Player
7. Practice
8. Advice, Indicating Line of Play
9. Information as to Strokes Taken
10. Order of Play
11. Teeing Ground
12. Searching for and Identifying Ball
13. Ball Played as it Lies; Area of Swing; Line of Play
14. Striking the Ball
15. Wrong Ball; Substituted Ball
16. The Putting Green
17. The Flagstick
18. Ball at Rest Moved
19. Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped
20. Lifting, Dropping, and Placing; Playing at Wrong Place
21. Cleaning Ball
22. Ball Interfering with or Assisting Play
23. Loose Impediments
24. Obstructions
25. Abnormal Ground Conditions & Wrong Green
26. Water Hazards and Lateral Water Hazards
27. Ball Lost, Out of Bounds, Provisional Ball
28. Ball Unplayable

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