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Grip Pressure


The single most important aspect of grip pressure is that it stays the same throughout the swing. One of the biggest destroyers of the golf swing is an increase in grip pressure at the start of the downswing. When this happens it is virtually impossible to swing the clubhead on the correct path with the correct face angle. If anything the grip pressure should lighten slightly on the downswing to help us fully release the club.

Here is a simple drill to help you stop choking the club on the downswing. During your practice sessions check your grip pressure when you are addressing the ball and check it again when you are holding your finish position. It should be the same at the finish as it was during address. If it is not you have some work to do. The more often you check on yourself, the sooner your brain will get the message you want the pressure to stay the same.

If we were to rate grip pressure on a scale of one to ten (with ten being a death grip and one being just barely enough pressure to keep the club from falling out of our hands) the ideal grip pressure is between 3 and 5. The lighter the better. We need speed to propel the ball long distances NOT FORCE. Swinging a golf club is similar to throwing a ball, the muscles of the hand and arm should be loose and whippy. The tighter we hold on the SLOWER the clubhead will be moving when it gets to the ball.

The control of the club comes from the last three fingers of the left hand and the middle two fingers of the right hand. Proper grip position will take care of this for us. You do not need to consciously hold on tighter with these areas. Be very careful of the thumb and trigger finger of the right hand! They are the most likely source of unwanted pressure during the swing. Practice swinging with them off the club. It will feel strange at first but, if you stay with it you will notice tremendous distance and control benefits in the long run.

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