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Taylor Made r9 Driver Shafts

Taylor Made r9 Driver Shafts
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Taylor Made r9 Driver Shafts

The TaylorMade r9 and r9 460 shafts give you the ability to change and replace your r9 and r9 460 driver shafts yourself for more shot control. The stock r9 460 driver comes with a Aldila REAX60-gram tip-soft shaft. Taylor Made no longer offers the Aldila REAX shaft so the replacement for the r9 460 is the Fujikura Motore 60 gram shaft. The r9 driver came stock with the Fujikura Motore 65 shaft but is no longer available. The replacement shaft is the Fujikura Motore 60. The r9 TP and r9 460 TP come stock withthe Fujikura Motore F1 65 shaft.

You can stick with the stock shaft and just change the flex or upgrade to one of the custom shafts. Shafts come with stock Taylor Made grip and FCT Tip. Please let us know if you want a r9 or r9 460shaft.

Taylor Made r9 Driver Shafts Features

ShaftFlexTorqueTip SizeButtWeightTrajectory
Fujikura Blur 60A3.7.350.60057Mid/High
Fujikura Blur 60R3.5.350.60058Mid/High
Fujikura Blur 60S3.5.350.60059Mid/High
Fujikura Blur 60X3.5.350.60060Mid/High
Fujikura F1 65R3.5.335.61065Low/Mid
Fujikura F1 65S3.5.335.61065Low/Mid
Fujikura F1 65X3.5.335.61065Low/Mid
Fujikura F1 55R3.3.335.60055High
Fujikura F1 55S3.3.335.60055High
Fujikura F1 55X3.3.335.60055High
Fujikura F1 75R3.4.335.61075Mid/High
Fujikura F1 75S3.5.335.61575Mid/High
Fujikura F1 75X3.4.335.61575Mid/High
Aldila Voodoo NV6R4.1.335.62065Low
Aldila Voodoo NV6S3.4.335.62065Low
Aldila Voodoo NV6X3.1.335.62065Low
Aldila Voodoo VS6R4.1.335.62060Low/Mid
Aldila Voodoo VS6S3.5.335.62060Low/Mid
Aldila Voodoo VS6X3.1.335.62060Low/Mid
Mitsubishi Fubuki 73S2.6.335.60072Low/Mid
Mitsubishi Fubuki 73X2.6.335.60072Low/Mid
Mitsubishi Fubuki 63R3.1.335.60063Low/Mid
Mitsubishi Fubuki 63S3.1.335.60063Low/Mid
Mitsubishi Fubuki 63X3.0.335.60563Low/Mid
Matrix HD 6S3.2.335.61565Mid/High
Matrix HD 6X3.2.335.61565Mid/High
Matrix Xcon-5R4.5.335.60054High
Matrix Xcon-5S4.5.335.60056High
Matrix Xcon-5X4.5.335.60059High

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