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Nike Sunglasses Replacement Lenses

Nike Sunglasses Replacement Lenses
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Nike Sunglasses Replacement Lenses

Nike Interchange sunglasses replacement lenses let you switch lenses to adapt to any situation. The sunglasses lenses change out easily, and are held securely by the frame for precise vision. Interchange is available in a number of Nike styles. No one sunglasses lens is best for all conditions.

The Nike performance replacement sunglass lenses are designed to give you the clearest view over the widest angle. Athletes need clear views in all direction. NikeMax Optics patented design for performance eyeweargives you precise vision straight ahead, to theside and over your shoulder.

Nike Sunglasses Replacement Lenses Features

  • Nike MaxLens Technology for precise vision fromevery angle
  • State-of-the-art UVabsorbency for 100% UVA and UVBprotection
  • Polycarbonate lenses resistscratches and damage from impact

Nike Sunglasses Replacement Lenses Specifications

  • Max Golf Tint - Grass reflects greenand red, and golf balls reflect blue. We allowthe colors of these critical details to transmitthrough the lens, reducing eye fatigue andimproving your visual clarity. The contour of thegreen is easier to read, and the ball ‘pops’against the grass, the sand trap or the sky.
  • Max Hi-Visibilty Tint - In low light,important details like rocks, shadows and curves aredifficult to see. Because the human eye is highlysensitive to the color yellow, we allow more of itto trasmit through the lens. This tint increasescontrast on a foggy day, an overcast day or whilethe sun is setting.
  • Max Speed Tint - The color red has awarming quality that calms your eyes. We filteredout the colors that add glare, and increased thetransmission of red. Designed for endurance, thistint reduces the glare that reflects off asphalt,relaxes your eyes and enhances visual clarity.
  • Max Polarized - When sunlight hits a flat,reflective surface like water, it creates glare. This tint neutralizes the reflective light waves,giving you the ability to see through glare. It’snot recommended for any sport where you move yourhead back and forth, because the pulsating effectis distracting.
  • MaxAdapt - The MaxAdapt lens darkens orlightens to adapt, automatically, to the amount ofultraviolet light in your environment. Wear themoutdoors from sunrise to sunset. Keep them onwhen the weather changes from sunny to cloudy andback again.

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